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Marine, Cargo and Container Inspection

MTS performs a variety of marine and cargo surveying on numerous types of products.

Our surveyors have a wide knowledge/ experience over the long years of working with leading inspection companies and are committed to offering quality services at all times.
They are on call 24/7 and ready to attend assignments at various locations within East Africa.
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Sampling & Analysis of Products

Products/Goods require specific optimum conditions either specified by the manufacturer or naturally observed.

Merchant Technical services (MTS), ensures that such conditions are maintained through sampling, analytical tests and examinations done at our Laboratory.
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Fumigation & Heat Treatment Services

Fumigation of Containers and Wooden pallets/packages is part of our work. Fumigation is done with specified and approved pesticides. Fumigation exercise is done within guidelines of ISPM 15 requirements and USA Food and Drugs Act, which specify pesticides and gross periods permitted, so as fulfill and ensure effectiveness of the exercise. We also carry out fumigation of cargo onboard the vessel, in containers, silos and in warehouses.
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LPG-Oil & Engineering

We specialize in the following segments;
A) LPG Bulk Storage
B) LPG Cylinder Refiling Plant
C) LPG Road Transport Tankers
D) LPG Use In : Institutions, Hotels and Residential Buildings
E) LPG Storage In Petrol Stations & Retail Outlets
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Certification & Accreditation

We consistently utilize the principals of ISO 9001.2008 Edition on quality management system in carrying out our mandates.
MTS maintains strict consumer safety, quality, environmental and occupational safety standards to which all of our Inspectors adhere to. It is important for all employees to strictly follow the KEPHIS accreditation conditions, ISPM 15 requirements and US Food and Drugs Acts at all times.

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